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Concentrates are the next big thing in cannabis culture for several reasons. Many people feel that it is a purer way of taking their medicine. Vaporizing a concentrate provides a smoother inhale that won’t hurt your lungs, and the concentrates are made specially to increase the potency of the cannabis itself.

Our cannabis oils in Gold Beach, OR are top quality. We use our ten different flowers to create oils that will ease away your aches and pains. Our marijuana concentrates come in the form of a variety of oils and are guaranteed to give you a more intense feeling than any of our regular flowers.

Cannabis concentrates are extracted with butane and CO2 and can be ingested or put on the skin for topical application. You can use concentrates in vaporizers, portable pens, in the lining of a rolling paper, or in a blunt to enhance your flower.

We make an amazing variety of oils, including our cannabis honey oil and our cannabis olive oil. We know that you love taking your medicine with tasty treats. Now, you can create your very own edibles using our infused butter and olive oil.

Our crumbles and dabs are perfect for every rig. You are going to love taking your medicine in a fast, easily consumable way with our cannabis oils.

If you need any accessories, such as pipes, vaporizers, hand rollers, grinders, or papers, we can provide those too. We also sell books filled with growing and dosing information, because you deserve to know the essential information about your medicine.

For highly effective concentrated oils, you can’t go wrong with Club Sockeye. Visit us today for extremely affordable medicine. Don’t forget to ask us about our discount for new customers!