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We at Club Sockeye think that there is no better way to take your medicine than in a delicious, tasty treat that will take you far away from the pain you are feeling. Our yummy edibles in Gold Beach, OR are designed to give you a sweet bit of pleasure as the medicine inside works its way into your body to ease your ailments.

We have a huge selection of edibles, including a wide variety of cookies and candies. Try our new oatmeal cookies and caramels for a treat that will melt in your mouth and fill you with pure happiness.

Our cannabis brownies are second to none, with a scrumptious, decadent chocolaty taste and top quality concentrated medicine that is guaranteed to be highly effective on whatever you need treated. A brownie a day can keep the pain away.

Marijuana edibles can be fun to make, which is why we also offer infused butter and infused extra virgin olive oil. You can take the flavors you love and the ingredients you want and create a delicious edible of your own.

Our new honey elixir is just what you need to relax. As it drips in your mouth, you can imagine you’re lying by a serene lake as servants bring you sweet nectar and fruits. Treat your inner goddess with an irresistible elixir.

Try one of our great edibles today and you’ll see just how great it can be to take your medicine. Contact Club Sockeye today and ask about all of our great treats.